Expert Blockchain Security Audits

We help you build trust in the blockchain ecosystem

  • Scope of Work Agreement
    Receive the source code and documents for the audit. Agreement on the scope of audit.
  • Audit
    Verichains to audit the project and provide detailed report of security issues and recommendations.
  • Bug fixes
    Client to review and fix the reported issues.
  • Verification
    Verichains to verify all the fixes, mitigations related to the reported issues.
  • Final Audit Report
    Deliver final audit report. Depending on the agreement, the final report either be published or kept private.


Blockchain Audits

We provide security audit services and formally verified audits for your blockchain implementation, consensus protocol, smart contracts and DApps using industry-standard security patterns and best practices.

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Verichains has a world-class team with extensive research and development expertise in the areas of security, AI and blockchain technology.

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